16 April 2009

Spring IS here - really this time!

Yes, there's more going on at Stratheden than the felines. Mr. Fuzzy has been busy seeding fescue, rye and red clover to improve the pasture... and working on erosion control upon embankments along the driveway. Mrs. Fuzzy is spending hours every day in the little greenhouse with her seedlings. Together they are building cedar 3 x 8 foot raised beds for the main garden.

Here at the farm, we're on a high spot; the spine of the Blue Ridge mountains is less than six miles away. This cooler, higher air has delayed the emergence of plant life when compared to either town or the Shenandoah Valley. At the farm's elevation, plants are running two to four weeks behind the Valley. However, Spring is here at last, no teasing this time... although the native trees are being very coy about showing their blooms and leaves. The pastures have greened wonderfully over the last three weeks.

Our peach tree has finally blown into bloom (see below); maybe we'll have lots of peaches with some luck. The apple trees are not far behind and are leafing out. The tulips began blooming last Sunday, which was a really beautiful warm and sunny day. Today has been sunny and still, hovering around 60F, tomorrow may be ten degrees warmer (21C).

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