23 April 2009

weather redux

Yesterday the grip of winter refused to release us- it was 35F at sunrise and spitting snow. Oh, and did I mention gusts of 20 mph? Mrs. Fuzzy had thought she had laundered my flannel shirts for the last time. Surprise! We just love the variability of the weather in the mountains, really, it is so dynamic and stimulating. Today the forecast is for 67F and for the weekend, 83F both days. It appears that we leapt from winter to summer in about five days. Time to visit Slaughter's Nursery and pick up the Witch Hazel I've had on hold.

Despite the weather yesterday, the native trees on the farm are finally breaking dormancy. There is a fresh, vibrant, visually tasty green bedecking on the forest canopy. There are all sorts of "weeds" popping up, some already blooming, probably all with useful value to someone skilled enough to know the traditions...

The kitties were a week old on Tuesday and have exactly doubled in weight. So far, Girlie and her five babies are all healthy and we pray they stay so. Bluebeard, whose lungs are developed far beyond his siblings, is also ahead on another feature- he is opening his eyes well ahead of the rest; I hope that is not a cause for concern. Girlie moved them yesterday from the box to under our bed. We have no idea what that signals. Guess we aren't as smart as cats.

Life is renewing itself all over the farm. Let us be thankful.

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Jocelynne said...

When our baby kitties' eyes started opening early, I freaked out but the vet told me not to be concerned, just to keep the room dim so that too much light didn't hurt their wee eyes. He also told me it was likely keeping the room dim in the first place that allowed their eyes to start opening. Vexing man. Anyway, we had no long term problems with the kitties' sight. Good luck with your babies and the weather!