02 April 2009

another mile stone

This may not sound consequential to non-Southern readers of this electronic epistle, but last night a new mile stone was reached here on the farm - our first meal prepared on the barbecue grill - a sure sign of settling in well as well as a sign of more clement weather conditions. Our taste buds have longed for such flavors for so long...

Whilst cooking the deid coo, a task which required less than ten minutes to perform, the weather metamorphosed from sunny and clear into a fog. I've never seen fogs like here - they don't roll in from somewhere else, they may be generated in the bottoms and rise up (although that was not the case last night) or, they may just form from the air, all at once everywhere, as last eve. In perhaps thirty minutes, the visibility went from unlimited to less than 50 feet. The beautiful fog was further enhanced by the delicious colors imparted by the setting sun.

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Diana Dallas said...

Greetings Friends!

My dear friend, Joe Erwin had their house built in North Carolina thirty years ago by a student of Frank Lloyd Wright. It is a beautiful home and they enjoy living in the home's very open design.

Yes, the language limitations and expletives are certainly a unique color here.

So glad you are both creating a wonderful life there! Miss you! xoxo Diana