30 April 2009


Mr. & Mrs. Fuzzy had a truly exciting and educational day on Monday when Britt Boucher of Foresters, Inc., came down from Christiansburg for the day. We hired the redoubtable and eminent forester to cruise our wee farm and teach us about the forest and its health. What a day - we walked most of the day, stopping about 1:30 for a pot roast lunch prepared by Mrs. Fuzzy in the crockpot (so she could walk, too). By the end of the day, Britt had given us a six week class - and hopefully we earned passing grades.

Britt really knows how to crash through brush... and so we finally found the mysterious SE corner of the farm, which lies back in some truly wild country. In that area, there was bear scat and a fairly large clear bear print from a hind foot (see photo). He pronounced our front forest in good health and lovely. The back half needs desperately to thin out the barberries, wild roses, hawthorns, etc. The farm contains nearly every tree native to the area, a diverse community. It also has several dense stands of spice bush, an indicator species proving the quality of those parts of the forest. While we stood at the NW corner of the farm, being educated by Britt, I heard a meow in the distance... I called and it was my devoted Jack Tar who had come out searching for us!

By dark, the Fuzzies were getting tired but that was offset by our excitement of the various discoveries of the day, including Britt, one gem of a guy.

Wait! Wait! You forgot the best part, Mr. Fuzzy! Not far from the bear scat area was the mother load of wild ramps. I can't wait to try one!!!!

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