28 November 2012

Floyd County Christmas Parade

Last Sunday was the much awaited Christmas parade. It reflects the community spirit that is prevalent here and the cultural values of the community. The floats are all home made, usually mounted on farm trailers. Many are pulled by farm trucks although the more modest ones are pushed/pulled by human power - or horses and mules.

Every year, members of the community are honored by being the Grand Marshal or the Parade Marshal. That is a significant form of recognition here in rural America.

 The Humane Society with human motivators.

 A lot of creativity lurks in these woods.

 Maybe the smallest float?

 The Snow Queen and her attendants. They must have been frozen solid by the end of the parade as my ears were hurting from the cold wind gusts.

 Around here, old tractors and old cars are major passions.

 The end of the parade is a huge line of emergency vehicles, all blaring their warning systems. Its ahrd to believe how many there are in this county of only 13,500 souls.

The tiniest fireman.

Mr. Fuzzy hopes that you enjoyed the parade as much as the community did!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr Fuzzy, we did enjoy the parade although S A says the Snow Queen should have a warm white cape.

JudyB said...

Much enjoyed your small town parade!