04 November 2012

More fire wood

Yesterday the chainsaw and I went back to  the downed oak and cut another 1,000 pounds or so of prime fire wood. And just how does Mr. Fuzzy gauge the weight? By observing the distance betwixt the tyre and the fender well which closes as weight is applied. The trailer is used to bring gravel for driveway repair and the gravel is purchased one thousand pounds at a time; thus, when the tyre-fender well gap is equal that when hauling gravel, then that weight has been reached (it is also the safe limit of the trailer's structural capacity).

Most of the easy wood has now been removed. Study this photograph and note that most or all of the remaining branches hold the tree up from the ground and the others are above Mr. Fuzzy's head (never, ever, cut wood that is above you). Unless the sawyer wishes to be crushed to death under several tons of 'dead weight' oak, these must be removed stategically. Mr. Fuzzy is going to deliberate a few days before making any new cuts. At least it lays on relatively level ground.

Chickens prefer to roost in elevated positions with nothing of equal elevation nearby. As the trailer load of wood was being positioned next tot he woodpile for unloading, Mr. Fuzzy caught the chickens on the little hand cart, taking in a brief late afternoon sun beam.

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