14 November 2012


The weather forecasters missed the mark widely last night. They predicted a low of 28F. At sunrise, the mercury barely hovered at 21F, the coldest low temperature since probably last March. At least it is dead still. The air was unusually clear and steady last night, the stars seemed just out of reach.

Between this being rut season and the beginning of hunting, the deer are moving all over the place it seems. You see them at night along the roads (two crossed right in front of me last night about 8:30), in the yard, just everywhere. 'Tis the season.

Stay warm and healthy, dear readers.


Anonymous said...

Brrrrr indeed. At your previous domicile this past Monday morning it was 11 degrees and windy.

Mr. Fuzzy said...

ELEVEN degrees? No way! Did you have the fireplace in action?