23 November 2012

Wood Pirates

Dear reader, I may have lived long enough to see everything - now wood pirates.

Do you recall this image from the last post? This is where I left the tree. It was in the same condition four days ago.

Today, Mr. Chainsaw and I sauntered over to cut a little more wood. Lo and behold, no tree. There was the sound of a chainsaw on Thanksgiving morn but Mr. Fuzzy assumed it was some distance away but apparently not so. Here is what Rocky the dog and Mr. Fuzzy beheld:

 This being Floyd, where the people are kinder and more gentle, the Pirates did leave the wood I had cut and not yet loaded... but otherwise all they left was the unusable small branches.

That oak was already dry and ready to burn - and Mr. Fuzzy might add he was counting on it to fill out his woodpile for the winter. A hard blow indeed.


Lausanne said...

How disappointing! On your own land! I can't quite picture where on your driveway this tree was located...I thought one had toppled in a storm near the shop/henhouse/compost pile area, but wood pirates wouldn't have been THAT bold! Perhaps they will feel guilty and return the wood, neatly stacked if you put out the word to all you know that this has transpired. Alas. Stay warm this winter Mr. Fuzzy.

Mr. Fuzzy said...

Thanks, Lausanne... its behind the barn on our neighbor's land - they live in CT and I manage their 15 acres for them. Might be time to put a lockable gate up. Good fire going tonight.

JudyB said...

Sorry you lost part of you winter supply....must have been a shock to see it.

Mr. Fuzzy said...

It was more of a shock to NOT see it!