27 November 2012

Sunrise Sunday

Devoted readers, as usual, the blog runs a bit behind real time. Here, I submit for your viewing pleasure, the sunrise on Sunday, the 25th. It was even finer in tone and breadth in person.

The next post will be on the Floyd Holiday parade, held on Sunday. The weather was fine although the breeze had an edge to it.


Lausanne said...

Absolutely stunning! even if the posted shot doesn't get even bigger when I click it. You must have been on an early morning stroll with your new pocket phone.

JudyB said...

So lovely. We have also been blessed recently with some amazing skies, both morning and evening.

Mr. Fuzzy said...

Alas, there is a limit on the size allowed on this free blog system and this is already at that point, sigh. Actually taken from the porch with my good camera.