02 December 2012

Farmers Supply

Every small village needs an anchor business or two, at a minimum. Downtown Floyd is really only four or five blocks but there are several of these anchor stores. Right at the stoplight (the only stoplight in the county) is Farmers Supply, the hardware and gift store. It has four display windows, more than any other building in Floyd, and sits in a prominent location. Fortunately the manager, Janice, creates wonderful windows, which reflects well on the town.

Although this is December 2nd, the temperature at 7:00 a.m. this morning was a remarkable 50F. Yesterday's plans were redirected when the postman delivered the order placed with the Arbor Day Foundation many months ago. They cannot ship trees until they become dormant and obviously that depends on the weather conditions where they are grown. This was perhaps a month later than normal and to be honest, Mr. Fuzzy had forgotten about the order. The afternoon was spent planting ten Colorado blue spruce trees around the farm. All of this mild Sunday will be spent planting the remaining trees, crab apples, Japanese cherries, willow, Nanking cherries, etc.

Between the destructive deer and weather conditions, only about half of the trees planted will survive two years, even with regular watering during dry spells.

It remains dry here with no rain in the five day forecast.


Anonymous said...

I can remember Floyd 20 years ago. Country hams hanging in a store window. It was a very "quiet place" back then. Not nearly the hustle and bustle you describe of it today. Those "pesky" deer make fine vittles!

Mr. Fuzzy said...

Yeah, boy, almost had a buck crash into the passenger side of the car going down the driveway as I was off to meet friends at the cafe for Sunday breakfast.

JudyB said...

Here's hoping these new trees will survive! We got half an inch of rain Sunday, the first in awhile.