07 January 2011

The Studio (Part Too Many)

We have gotten to a place where getting the house in proper order has become our number one priority on the giant Honey Do List. Living in controlled (?) chaos is driving us nuts.

To that end I drove down the mountain into the Roanoke Valley and purchased a new floor for my studio. That's a sample of the pattern to the left. It's an engineered cork "click" type floor which should be tremendously comfortable to work on as I generally craft standing up. Also, what could be more inspiring than having "Dali" under your feet all the time?

Once the floor is in I'll be able to move my crafting things back into the room and free up a LOT of space in the den and landing. That done, Mr. Fuzzy will be able to lay new flooring in those spaces and turn them into the beautiful, usable, spaces they so desperately long to be.

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