30 January 2011

Just Teasing

Saturday & Sunday were both glorious: still, sunny, almost no clouds, the azure blue sky and cold cutting light of winter BUT with temperatures in the mid-50s today. It could have been the first day of spring but we all know better here. A year ago, it was in the single digits and snowing hard. Mr. Fuzzy prefers this year's January 30th.

The cats and dogs and chickens all had a dose of spring fever today. You could feel and see the change in their energy.

Its going away soon enough and perhaps several days of rain will follow, with subfreezing temperatures as lows. Nonetheless, unlike last year, the critters all know that relief is coming soon: warm sun to doze in, freshly hatched bugs to enjoy, mice and moles to chase. Ah, what pleasures to look forward to - in about six weeks.
And no, your eyes do not deceive you - that is the trusty Sears riding mower behind Mr. Cocky. Mr. Fuzzy spent three hours mowing out in an area that had been a thicket but was cleared in the spring of 2009. He wanted to cut it all short to control the weeds and briars - and to be able to easily observe what germinates soon. Some ground was very slippery because it was hard frozen, some was very slippery because the top half-inch was mud on top of frozen ground. It was a challenge to keep the mower forward.

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