11 January 2011

Saving Pumpkins

This is another can't-find-the-cord photograph from early December. While we were away the painter shifted things on the porch to get some more work done and this included moving the pumpkins out onto the grass. When we got home they had frozen.

Not wanting to loose all that good food that I'd bought, Mr. Fuzzy brought them in a few at a time for me to cut and roast them for proper storage. As you can see, they were very cold.

Although the freezing and thawing made it very easy to prepare the pumpkins I cannot say it has helped on the flavor front. Even so, they are nice for soups or pumpkin sauce. If you add enough brown sugar, butter, and chiles any winter squash will become tasty.

The dogs and chickens gave a positive review of the seeds. After an entire day of dealing with the pumpkins we discovered yet two more hidden away outside. Those have gone into the chicken yard for them to eat as they please. They seem to enjoy their edible toys.

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