05 January 2011

Animal Tricks

There's no proper news to be reporting; I just thought I'd say "hello" and let you know we're still here. Us and the chickens, you know.

The Rooster Confinement Project is thus far not working and I have changed tactics. Horace remains, flightless, in his pen with two tiny hens and Guido to keep him company. Having gotten past their desire to run with the big birds, they all seem content to not be pecked and bullied all the time. Interestingly, Horace does not appear the least bit interested in the others.

The girls are giving us an average of six eggs a day. We're now bribing the neighbors with eggs and I suspect I can barter with them for a Spanish class I saw advertised today. The poster did say they'd barter for useful things.

Sunday evening we had a fright due to doggie illness. Mr Rufus left some, erm, highly scented gifts, on the carpet and we thought I'd have to take him to the emergency vet because he wasn't his usual in-your-face needy self. It turns out he just had a tummy ache (from God knows what in the forest) and was milking us for extended sympathy. When he saw me pull the car around he made a sudden, and thorough, recovery.


Mr. Fuzzy is now convinced that Rufus may, in fact, be smarter than an Akita. You read that right, Teddy & SuSu. Chetworth will attest to hearing the words from Mr. Fuzzy's own lips: Rufus may be smarter than Haiku.



Agate said...

Rufus sounds brilliant when he needs to be. Hope y'all have an excellent and prosperous New Year!
~ Agate

Anonymous said...

I remain to be convinced that this is not just another example of Mr Fuzzy's sad decline into extreme old age syndrome.


Woodpecker said...

The next time you know I'm coming, get some chicken wire and small lumber and I'll put together a 'yard' for them. Miss you.