01 January 2011


Thanks to our friend Bob the hennies have new nesting boxes! The girls have, until now, made do with two straw filled crates on the floor which work well enough. Everybody can access them and they are easy to clean. Occasionally a chicken will decide to sleep there overnight or Rufus will go in and steal an egg. Now they have a super-deluxe three hole sky nursery with a lovely roost bar for them to walk along when selecting their room of choice. As my littlest hens cannot fly I will have to build them a little ramp. Frizzles are beautiful creatures but I don't think I will acquire more for this reason.

As today is scheduled to be a mild but rainy one I had best get going before the weather turns. Thankfully, I thought to get a few bales of straw last week for the chicken yard so that area won't actually become Mud Hole City. The straw also restores the lost leaf cover our trees are accustomed to having. Happy chickens. Happy trees. Happy humans.

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