23 January 2011

Eggs, We Got 'Em

"Twa Hinnies Aroost"

All the hens are consistently laying and, since the departure of Number Three, we've had no observable issues with the roosters. (Except not having enough hens for them.) Everyone seems quite content in their little coop. I started keeping daily production records at the turn of the year and am happy to report that they are gifting us with four dozen eggs a week.

Salvadora gives us three "extra small" eggs a week. They are exquisitely proportioned with the color and texture of Parian ware. The remainder are small to large and anywhere from light beige to nearly chocolate brown depending on the chicken. In the photo above, you see our largest bantam hen and one of our big Cochin gals sharing a nest. Mind, there are three more empty nest boxes just two feet away. Guess they wanted to gossip.

How are we getting so many eggs out of eleven hens? Well, partly it's because hens normally lay well their first winter. They also get extra light and heat from the heat lamp I leave on overnight to keep their water from freezing. I thought this would cause a lot of stress but they seem to be fine with the situation. (They do get a night off now and then.) The chickens are also getting to forage for bugs and greens in the woods. They spend several hours a day out there turning over leaves. Being able to scratch definitely makes them happier.

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midnight baker said...

Joey and I have been discussing this scenario a bit lately. Yes. Egg makin' at the shop. :) Who'dathunkit? As usual, I'm reserved and trying to research the idea. Whereas he's ready to rock and roll. Any warnings pop to mind for us beginners?