26 September 2014

The New Tractor

Several perceptive folks have inquired about the size of the new Yanmar tractor. Yes,indeed, it is smaller than you might think but has nearly the horsepower of my venerable Ford 1710 (of about 1983 vintage) and is also a four wheel drive, necessary on land as steep as Stratheden. So, for those inquiring minds, here is a photograph showing the Yanmar next to the Sears riding mower.

For the photo-geeks viewing this, that image was taken with my new-to-me-but-used Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7 camera acquired via eBay. The Fujifilm X20 camera which has produced many images on this blog has been a real trooper and is an amazing camera but the GX7 has many more useful features and is generally more powerful. The X20 is soon to be put out to pasture.

1 comment:

Heidi Sutton said...

First of, your cat is so cute! Visiting my grandparents' farm growing up, I have always wanted a tractor. Do they last long? I want one of those riding mowers. They look like fun and it cuts your mowing time by a lot. I hear a lot of people in the South love their riding mowers. They made it so much easier.