03 September 2014

Cool Cats

The dogs cats have enjoyed the relatively cool summer, in fact, one of the coolest on record. There was a hot ten day period in early June that had everyone concerned it presaged a scorching summer ... the only other hot spell is now, after summer has normally ended in the Blue Ridge. Below are the official National Weather Service figures:

Last summer was non-stop rain from the dawn of the year into mid-August. I believe there were only two spells of three consecutive dry days in the first seven months of 2013. Then a drought came on. There was no happy medium in 2013.

This year has been more moderate/typical than last, thankfully. Nonetheless, Floyd county was on the Federal Drought Register for several weeks before the heavens opened and erased the drought. The pasture is excellent for this time of year and the trees are less stressed than in the dry period. Some trees, especially dogwoods and maples, are beginning to gain their autumnal coloration already, strange not just because it is so early but because of the day temperatures being in the 80s.

An astute reader might inquire why the village of Floyd is not featured on these charts. The reason is simple: there has not been an official observer in the county since the last one joined the armed forces in 1941.

I trust your summer has been equally temperate, dear readers.

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