28 September 2014

Good golly, Miss Molly!

Miss Molly and Mr. Fuzzy on an old bootlegger's gravel road over the Blue Ridge

Due to a plethora of "exogenous parameters" in Mr. Fuzzy's life, this poor old gal (a 1940 Ford DeLuxe Coupe) has sat lonely and neglected in the garage for over two years. Sigh. When last running, she was about to receive brighter headlights for better night visibility and so she sat with her eyes on the floor, waiting for installation and the open road again.

After the resolution of the over-riding life distraction, it was time to turn back to Miss Molly. A special gift appeared in the form of my friend Allan, who is, among other talents, a superb designer and builder of  Classic American Hot Rods. In the blink of a metaphorical headlight eye, he had Molly ready to hit the road again. Although humid, the last two days have been without any threat of precipitation and cool so Miss Molly and Mr. Fuzzy have been reunited for an autumn tour. 

Allan on his BMW

Last night saw a very modest trip into Floyd for dinner, more or less a dry run to be certain there were no hidden problems due to the prolonged sitting. The petrol in her tank was probably two and a half years old but she started within five seconds of cranking that masterpiece of American design, a Chevy 327 engine, and roared into life as if she was a new car. On the return trip to the farm, she received ten gallons of fresh premium petrol and she purred all the way home.

This morning brought a second trip into town for the traditional Sunday breakfast with my buddy Mike. We decided a short tour after breakfast would be just the thing to bring the morning into clear focus. My thanks to Mike for taking this dandy image.

It is a great delight to have the opportunity to spend quality time with Miss Molly again. Thank you, Allan.


VB in NM said...

Those are NOT Chevrolet taillights, sir, so I can only surmise that you have committed some crime against nature here.

Still, she sure is purty.


Rhonda Burgess said...

That is real classy stuff. Can't beat the legends, such as the Chevys and the Fords, and their good old craft and assembly. I wouldn't be surpised if those can't be made to run well, in this day and age. New cars are only here to make us adapt to the roads as they stand now, and to hold up those old ones as standards, in which vehicles will be measured and judged. Thanks for sharing that!

Rhonda Burgess @ Bob Dunn Hyundai

Lausanne said...

You are looking mighty dapper Mr.Fuzzy and keeping marvelous company with your dear Miss Molly.... Heads must turn as you drive by!