12 September 2014

Summer temperatures

Below are the official statistics from the National Weather Service in Blacksburg, Virginia:

* Blacksburg, Bluefield, and Lewisburg never had a 90 degree day the entire summer!
* Roanoke has had more 90-degree days in September (2) than they had in August (1)!

July 2, 2014 - One of the hottest days of the year for most locations in the Blacksburg CWA.
Danville - 97
Roanoke - 96
Lynchburg - 94
Lewisburg - 89
Blacksburg - 89
Bluefield - 86

The only two uncomfortably hot spells at Stratheden this summer were the last few days of June continuing into early July and early September. They were stinking hot, humid and still with even the nights being uncomfortable and lows sometimes as high as 70F.

There is a fine fog at the moment (6:40 p.m.), a function of a fresh cold front which began its passage yesterday. The forecast low for tomorrow night is 53F. Some species of trees began changing into their autumnal wardrobe a fortnight ago despite the heatwave - these cool temperatures may accelerate the action and bring a very early fall. Hopefully the colors will be brilliant and long lasting. Stay tuned.

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