05 September 2014

More Cats

MommaKat and her litter came into the household as fosters for the Santa Fe Humane Society eight years ago, nearly nine.In theory, all the felines were to be returned to the shelter when either two months old or two pounds. MommaKat was still thoroughly feral and had never allowed a human closer than about eight feet - they would have 'euthanized' her as unadoptable had she been returned.

In the meantime, as the 60 days passed, two male kittens really shone in terms of personality, the big guy and the ginger colored brother. Well, as far as the shelter was concerned, those two just didn't survive. Hah! Grover grew to 19 pounds and Chetworth Del Gato to more than 17 of unadulterated lean cat muscle. MommaKat was a superb mother and empowered her babies with all the skills they would need to prosper in the world.

MommaKat was still skittish when she came to Stratheden Farm. Always more affectionate in winter, she was distant the remainder of the year. Until about 18 months ago, that is. She is still nervous about strangers but a lot more confident with me. Here she is last night, my delightful dinner date. A dear neighbor gifted me with a passel of tomatoes, encompassing three varieties, all delicious in their own way. Another fine soul gifted half a dozen home made brats. With some buns and sweet onion mustard, it was a meal fit for a king (and his cat).

Here is her son, Chetworth del Gato, who used to guest blog herein when so moved. Now almost nine years old, he is semi-retired and sniffs too much catnip while he watches too much cable TV. Last night he was transfixed by a National Geographic Special on" Large Cats of the African Savannas." All day he has been imitating their poses... he needs to get a life.

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JudyB said...

He (Chet) does look like one of those African kitties sleeping on a tree limb.