29 August 2012

Hear, ye! Hear, ye!

Mr. Fuzzy continues the slow post-pneumonia mending process. He is amongst the living for most of a normal day now. God bless antibiotics! The rest of the day finds him exploring screen-based mass culture.

Day 2.5 of crazy ear issues is drawing to a close. The spray our MD gave me is helping keep the pain down to a mere annoyance and the general reduction in inflammation means I don't feel like I have the flu anymore.

"It's just extreme ragweed allergies."

Somebody send me a bottle of Allertonic! Debilitating allergies are outside the scope of my identity, thank you very much.

The good news is that I now feel well enough to concentrate on practicing some new violin tunes. Unfortunately, I'm having a little trouble tuning with these periodic ear throbs. All the off notes sound the same.

Happily, Mike showed me how to use the body of my instrument to evaluate a note. Using my tuner to tell me how off a string is, I am now able to tune up as well as, and faster, than before. Playing is a little more difficult but through the magic of music, I seem to be doing reasonably well learning these lullabies. The proper tones feel good and the off ones feel like a train wreck... so I'm just trying to keep everything on the rails. We will see how I have fared at tomorrow's lesson.

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