27 August 2012

Flu Update

Mr. Fuzzy's pneumonia seems to have responded to antibiotics and I seem to have contracted the underlying bug from him. Having a lifelong interest in medicinal herbs, I have decided to put a little of this learning to use with plants growing here at Stratheden.

My diet now consists of water, chile-infused foods, and rosemary-coltsfoot tea. The rosemary is from plants we grow on the deck and the coltsfoot leaves were harvested and dried last week from patches of the "invasive weed" growing in slightly open damp spots on the farm.

Coltsfoot is useful as an herbal mucus buster and expectorant. Rosemary helps the body reduce inflammation and open up blood vessels as well as tasting nice. Chiles, as everyone who has lived in New Mexico knows, is a classic cold buster. Not much can survive a good dose of capsicum!

If I still feel poorly after a few doses of super hot posole I'll see the doctor, I promise!

**Warning!** I am NOT a medical herbalist. Do your own research before consuming herbs that are not also foodstuffs. Rosemary Gladstar's books are a reliable place to start.

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Lausanne said...

I hope you are feeling better soon! We have a large and healthy patch of Coltsfoot growing in front of the studio. Some of the leaves are bigger than dinner plates, I swear. Perhaps next spring , when the leaves are vital with their fresh growing energy, I will pick some to dry for medicinal use. I can imagine they aren't as potent now as they would be in the spring or early summer. Good luck with your local and natural flu cure.