22 August 2012

Contemporary Longrifle Show 2012

August is nearly gone, rain is bucketing down like it is September, and Mr. Fuzzy is out with a bout of pneumonia. The rain means I have an unexpected pause in my day to show you a picture or two of things I enjoyed seeing at the CLA show. When Mr. Fuzzy is feeling better he will deliver a proper report on all the excitement of our recent trip.

First and foremost among this year's pleasures was the wedding of Jim and Susie Webb, his long lost sweetheart. Susie made their bridal outfits and has begun making her own versions of the famous Webb bags. We are reliably told that the couple will be making some of the awards for next year. The whole Fuzzy clan wishes them a lifetime of happiness together.

Next, a quilled piece from Shawn Webster. I particularly enjoy the brilliance of the oranges and blues that he is producing.

Steve Lallioff had this funny fiddle on show in hopes that someone might have information on its' origin. The front might be cedar, the back appears to be cherry, and the finger board is Osage orange! A very weird but well constructed piece needing a bit of repair that I had to work very hard not to steal.

This next pair are now in my growing collection of pots and jugs. I have no practical use for them as one would hold a year or two of liquor for me. Yet... How could I let that lovely blue moon pass me by? Her friend may or may not be winging its' way to a friend for Christmas. I'm trying to not let my greed win.

Finally, another purchase that I've been waiting for the horn workers to produce for some time: a hair ornament! This one by Willy Frankfort frames a ponytail very nicely. He's engraving another, larger, one to fit over my braid when I pin it up. I can hardly wait to see what he comes up with for me as my only requests were that it be polychrome and wearable in mixed company.

As always, photos via phone. My computer is too cranky for words.
P. S. for Known Anonymous: Yesterday's photo was taken from an upstairs bedroom in the main house.

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Take good care of Mr Fuzzy for us.