03 September 2012

once in a blue moon

There are two definitions of "blue moon" and apparently the more widely used "two full moons in one calendar month" is actually incorrect. Nonetheless, it dominates the popular usage of the term.

The full moon of August 31st was the second full moon of August, and hence, a 'blue moon' in the common definition. Mr. Fuzzy took his Sigma 150mm f/2.8 lens out and captured it rising, the blue moon over the Blue Ridge.

"Blue Moon of Kentucky" is the title of a fabulous 1946 Bill Monroe waltz. Mr. Fuzzy rather enjoys the original 3/4 time recording with Flatt & Scruggs playing and Bill singing.


Lausanne said...

Glad you have foiled the microbial beasties that laid you low recently, so that you can be up and waltzing about to Bill Monroe's fine waltz. We'll be waltzing down your way in little more than a month. Hard to believe that September is here, and the harvest is rolling in. Onions , shallots and garlic pile up. Today we froze 16 quarts of our fresh sweet corn. On top of all else in the freezer, there's little room for much else!

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting.