06 September 2012

Quadruped healers

As disclosed in an prior post, Mr. Fuzzy had far too much fun at the CLA show and came home with double pneumonia and possibly the flu as well. Mrs. Fuzzy took this image the day of the diagnosis, shots and pills. Mr. Fuzzy felt pretty poorly that day and for the next sixty hours or so; it seemed like modern medicine's relief was never going to kick in.

That day, nearly all of the domesticated Stratheden quadrupeds came and laid with Mr. Fuzzy; clearly they knew something was awry. Here are the phirst pheline physicians administering to the sick: Buster at left, Fred at right, and the dark spot at Mr. Fuzzy's right is Jack Tar. Before the dawn, all nine of the felines had visited and both canines. Rocky the dog cuddled him all night and never abandoned the patient even though his coughs constantly wracked the bed all night long.

Only in the last couple of days has Mr. Fuzzy had any strength or endurance. Both days he manages to walk to the mailbox and back, about 3,200 feet in total. Today, he spent his frustrations on the weeds along the driveway and harvested yet more bell, banana and chile peppers from his garden. Life is in balance once more, and he is extremely thankful.

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