18 September 2012

A Sweet Reminder of Friends

This week I harvested our first crop of Sweetgrass. The plants were a gift from our friend S. L. when we saw him at the 18th Century Native conference this spring.

After much pondering of where to put the plants, I decided to coddle them out of fear that these would perish like the others if they weren't close to home. Therefore, I squeezed them all into the biggest pot our local garden center offers and put them next to the garden hose so they could easily experience the drought-and-deluge they are purported to prefer.

The animals thought the pot a great leaping off point, which did some damage until I put a few dozen pieces of coat hanger wire sticking out of the soil. That works extremely well if you have problems with cats and chickens in your pots.

Harvesting and processing is easy and everyone is enjoying the scent. Even Bea, who all but rolled in my stack of bunched grass piled up in preparation for braiding.


Lausanne said...

Ahhhh I can almost smell the sweet scent of that sweetgrass from here! Is there enough for you to weave baskets with it? I hope to stumble upon a patch of it growing some day. My spinner's guild is planning on a twining workshop offered by an Abenaki woman from northern Vermont. Can't wait!

Lausanne said...

Hmmm this is the longest lapse of posting I can remember since this blog began. Could the chickens have taken over management and locked up our dear Mr. and Mrs. Fuzzy, holding them hostage until they give their permission for the new studio space to be transformed into housing for elderly hens? Or perhaps the resident cat population has taken over...I sure hope all is well with the Fuzzies and that we hear news of Stratheden Farm some time soon.