02 May 2012

Its too bloomin hot!

Yesterday in Blacksburg, Virginia, the closest weather reporting station to Stratheden, a record high low temperature of 59F was set. Although cooler here due to the higher elevation, the difference was small. The days are above 80F already. The drought of several weeks ago has been broken with several rains (although it is time for another); the county south of us has received considerable rain in the last few days and although we can see the clouds and perhaps hear the thunder, we do not share the rainfall.

Some dogwoods are miraculously still holding their blooms. And new species, such as locust, are now in their floral dressings. Mr. Fuzzy has never witnessed locusts with so many blooms (see photograph).

Likewise the cultivated flowers are performing well. The clematis improves every year, responding to gentle care. The heat has brought the poppies into a very early bloom, ah, they are so gorgeous.

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Jenny Woolf said...

Our temperatures are struggling to get into the sixties. In fact, I am not sure they have managed yet. Still we had a lovely sunny March. And the flowers love all the rain we are having.