06 May 2012

Preparing for the 18th Century

This time last year we were at Historic Martin's Station for their spring reenactment and I felt rather poorly dressed. It wasn't that I didn't have a beautiful, correct, and appropriate gown... It was that it didn't fit any more, my shoes were too narrow for all day comfort, and I had no idea how much the standard in women's clothing had progressed on the decade or more since I assembled my kit.

So, I swore to loose some weight and fit myself into that dress by autumn's event. HA! That was a total fail. Now it is the start of another reenacting season and the dress still doesn't fit, despite loosing 15 pounds, but it is close enough that I can rework it for use. And that, dear reader, is why I have sprouted a needle in my right hand and spent every possible moment mending and improving my kit. Two new gowns are in the works, my shifts have been modified to reflect new research (thanks to Andrew Gaerte at Fort Pitt Museum for the education,) and small items are being replaced for a more pleasing experience.

Photos will be coming in future posts, K. and P., but to start things off, here are some showing my most significant impediment to getting the work done. The object in contention is an apron made of old linen I picked up in Scotland. Miss Lilly seemed to think it needed antiquing.

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