20 May 2012


The first pass - breaking the ground and loosening the weeds... and finding all the big stones.

Last summer's compost spread on the freshly turned soil.

Compost worked into the soil

The final step before seeding - smoothing and leveling. It took almost five hours to ready this 9 x 25 foot patch - and Mr. Fuzzy is feeling his age right now... will save the seeding until tomorrow when hopefully he will still be able to bend over.

Mycelium in the compost which will greatly enhance uptake of the nutrients in the soil and generally aid plant health.

Chillington hoe from Uganda on the left and a normal American hoe on the right. The heft of the Chillington hoe breaks through the hardest clay like a knife through butter. The long and stout handle provides plenty of leverage to pry out the infamous Floyd county white quartz and weeds with deep tap roots such as burdock. Mr. Fuzzy only uses the standard hoe for "garden variety" weeding..

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