21 May 2012


Dearest Reader(s),
Yesterday Mr. Fuzzy posted his labors in the garden; today he planted the first corn, "Quickie" - and less than three hours later, the Creator brought 0.50" of gentle rain over an hour or so. As if to add sprinkles on top of the ice cream, at the cessation of precipitation, a glorious double rainbow appeared in the eastern sky.

The old man feels blessed.

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Lausanne said...

After last year's trials and tribulations with prolonged drought and gardening distress I am glad to hear that this provenant Universe is assisting you so kindly this year...may such benificience continue throughout the growing year! I confess I have been too busy in my own garden to spend much time keeping up with your doings but now I understand sometime soon you will be using the Greatest Gardening Tool of All: "fiddle enchantment" ...it is enough to make a shy pea-vine sprout blossoms overnight!