15 April 2012

Ramping up

As Mrs. Fuzzy noted in the previous post, The Fuzzies have been derelict in their duties... at least as far as keeping both of the readers of this blog informed and perhaps, entertained.

A week ago today, Mr. Fuzzy, accompanied by his erstwhile canine companion, Rocky, went ramp hunting. It was a tough go as the briars have just exploded in size and numbers due tot he mild winter. They germinated months ago and are now mid-calf in height. Last year's briars are now waist high. Controlling this explosion is going to be difficult.

With more than a jigger of perseverance, Mr, Fuzzy and friend reached the major ramp patch with only a few holes torn in his shirt. The patch, too, had prospered through the mild winter and was both denser and encompassing a greater area than years before. It has been dry of recent (all here fear a repeat of last summer's drought) and the ground was so firm, even in the forest, that a trusty knife (made by Randy Wolfe of Bethel Forge) was required to extract the odoriferous bulbs.

They are now in Mrs. Fuzzy's hands awaiting utilization - and epicurean enjoyment.


JudyB said...

Looks like you and Rocky had a nice jaunt. Don't know that I've ever eaten a ramp.

Anonymous said...
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