14 April 2012

Why, hello!

Long time no postie.

We have been alternately shivering by the fire due to seasonal weather and searching for the lightest weight tee shirts in the drawer because the mercury is much too high. As a result, we're a bit behind in getting anything interesting done.

My second planting of peas in the Lower Garden are just coming up thanks to regular supplemental watering and I had a lovely day yesterday planting two rows of heritage potatoes- All Blue and a pink fleshed variety called Mountain Rose. We've eaten both in recent months and are eager to grow our own as they are especially tasty spuds.

Our autumn sown lettuce and mustard are still providing fresh greens and the autumn chard is back in production too. Had we thought to plant these delicious vegetables in all our empty garden spaces we would truly be feasting. It is a lesson learned.

We also got one meal off the asparagus patch. I feel pretty good about that considering it was moved while the plants were dormant last summer and they sent up a good show of stalks with the onset of autumn's cool rains. They will get another load of composted manure next week to help them give us a good crop next spring.

And we leave you with a couple photographs of the greeting we occasionally get when we arrive home. The red hen jumped into the car as soon as the door was opened and the rooster came along behind to keep tabs on her. Mr. Fuzzy found it rather amusing to see the girl get right to work pecking at the dirt on the floorboard.


JudyB said...

Wonder how many chickens make it a habit to hop in a car?

Anonymous said...
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