18 February 2010

He's Gone!

And all the Fuzzys except Rufus rejoiced. So ends the tale of our L.S.D. "Salsa" who came to live with us for "just two weeks" but stayed a month. He is now the doggie companion of a nice lady with four gracious kids. He's gone to live the life of Riley with someone needing a 24/7 companion who won't talk back or complain when she's got the flu.


And the cats are doing the watoosie on his kennel. They're utterly mad with joy and relief. I's say "poor Rufus is beside himself at the loss of his new playmate" but Salsa's been out of the house for more than 6 hours and Rufus' memory only extends to four. He's moved on to dogging Miss. Lilly.

On the same theme, our wonderful foster cat, C.K., went to the Bell Gallery to be shown and she also found a new and wonderful home with a quiet retired couple. We miss her a heap.


The Language Wench said...

Congratulations on the good homes for your babies. I'm sure it's hard to see them go at the same time that you are so happy to see them settled with good people.

Peggy Bechko said...

Great work! Find homes for the homeless animals.