05 February 2010


That's the sound my new washer makes instead of chugga-chunkka-shhhhhhh like the old one. Plus, it's blue. Yep... front loaders are "the bomb."

So, Mr. Taciturn came over, they hooked both tractors up to the big truck and hauled the guys out in no time. The three of us enjoyed a cuppa and then us Fuzzys enjoyed a quiet repast by ourselves. Himself looking at the weather forecasts (dire, dire and extra dire) and I reading the washer manual. All our dirty stuff is now clean.

To answer Laussanne's question- they came in the front door and down the stairs with the washer then took out the old one... same with the dryer. They sit at right angles.... I need to locate my camera to show you... and it works much better than having them side by side. There'ss now a little dedicated space to the laundry stuff.

In other news, L.S.D. Salsa the Foster has accepted nighttime crating so we no longer wonder where the morning's pee spot will be. Huzzah! He spent the day in our walled garden and seemed to have a ball chasing the birds and digging in the snow. When I fnd the camera I'll make another video, this time playing "loose" in the fresh snow that started falling about 15 minutes ago... right on time as forecast! (Sometimes they get it right.)

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Anonymous said...

Yay!!! Congrats on the new washer! =)