09 February 2010

Fuzzys vs Snowzilla

I hope you all can view the YouTubes. This one is from the last storm which the city folks have dubbed "Snowzilla." We got about 14 inches of superfine powder. That's more than our little grader can move efficiently so we had our friend Tim Boone of Boothe Creek Excavating come plow for us. Thank goodness! Even with his beefy truck and professional plowing equipment he had trouble moving this snow. It took a couple extra days for him to get to our part of the county. Poor us.. snowed in and only four sleds, two dogs, skis, and a big woodpile to keep us cheerful. We did run out of milk for our tea but I keep a box of soy milk for just such emergencies.

Anyway, here you see Mr. Fuzzy retrning from his first cross-country skiing expedition in more than 15 years and the reaction of the doggles to this strange monster emerging from the pasture.

The current storm has been a (blessedly) damp squib for snow but the high wind warnings were absolutely accurate.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you had things under control! =)