04 February 2010

Aye yah...

So, the washer & dryer arrived today. Early even! With two lovely guys who even managed a fix for the goof up at the store. The warehouse didn't modify the dryer outlet to be side venting. Glad we didn't pay extra for that feature! They were so nice we gave them a loaf of fresh banana bread as a thank-you.

And now, as I write (11 AM), they are thoroughly stuck in the mud outside my front door. It's been damned funny watching Mr. Fuzzy try to pull them forward enough to get on frozen ground where they'll have traction. Well, funny except for when the front tractor wheels are airborne and the truck is sliding sideways... Our awesome neighbor, Mr. Taciturn, is on his way with a bigger tractor and a different sort of brain. I'm making plans to serve lunch for four, maybe five.

Another post when it's all done.


Mrs Fuzzy


Lausanne said...

I don't suppose , in hindsight, there was any option of waiting for a dry warm sunny day to get a new washer and dryer , was there? Recalling the lower floor location of those items in your house, I can imagine you might be either dismantling the guest bed or shoveling a path through Russell's office, or bump bump bumping them down the staircase to the basement right about now (once your neighbor figures out how to get the delivery truck unstuck and the tractor is once again back on its four tires of course...Good Luck! I hope you think to take some photos to document this exciting event!

Mrs. Fuzzy said...

That was the dry, sunny, warm day.