11 January 2010


It's been a busy phase for us here in Beautiful Floyd. A fortnight or so ago Mr. Fuzzy made three trips to photograph dogs at the pound... all abortive but it's OK. There weren't any new doggies impounded. We attended a lovely night out / board meeting with the Humane Society on Saturday where the food was free because it just happened to be "customer appreciation night" at the restaurant.

Speaking of restaurants, our favorite waitress at the cafe has eleven puppies (all one litter!) needing homes in 2-4 weeks. So.... we were at her house that Friday to photograph them to put on our society website as "pets around town." The annoying internet phrase "dies of cuteness" is appropriate here. And, finally, Sunday saw us out at a nearby sheep farm photographing seven more foster dogs including a handsome tricolor hound, a very attentive parson's jack russel, and a pair of super compact little dogs who were once feral but are learning to love people.

Anyone want a dog?

Oh yes, and then there was the kitten, 'Lizbeth Stubbs. She is named after the Queen and the musician. Yep.... royally cute and she has only a third of her tail left after an argument with a Buick. I suppose we could have called her Gully because she was also covered in motor oil.... but that would be too obscure. Que no?

Then last Tuesday we took in another foster cat "just overnight" to take up to PetSmart's adoption center. Her foster mom had a bunch of meetings and I had a dental appointment first thing so it was going to be a simple hold and dump operation. HA! The poor thing developed a cold. So, now we have a slowly recovering, dog-nervous, sneezing cat convalescing in our upstairs bath & bedroom. As soon as she is well she'll go to the Bell Gallery in town to be featured. The kitten will precede her on Friday. Her tail is healed and she's past the trauma of it all.

And then there is my Moment of Compassionate Generosity from last night... temporarily named "Sal" (For Salad-Brain / Salsa / Salvador.) Sal is a a fuzzy ball of Soup Dog. I thought I was volunteering to take in a different small dog... ... ... Anyway, he'll be in residence for 2 weeks while transport details are arranged. He's got a shelter to go to up north but his time at the pound was to run out today. The amazing Debbie, who arranges transports, just didn't have quite enough time to get things sorted.

I think the chicken shed will be built tomorrow. He has an annoying "small dog bark" and marked the carpet in Russ' office.

Oh, and I've been remodeling the greenhouse since warm weather arrived last week. Rain today and 1 1/2 inches of it a few days ago but it's been above freezing. Snow is mostly gone.

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