29 January 2010

There's a Storm Coming

So Mr. Fuzzy should be presenting you all with more pretty pictures of the white stuff and / or ice in the next few days.

It's been a busy week around here. Most important of all the busy-ness is the END to Mr. Fuzzy's huge, unpaid, editing job. I have my husband back! We celebrated by going out for one of the best meals we've ever had in America. (Almost as good as some of those impossibly delicious meals we ate in Italy.)

My life has been, mostly, taken up with the animals, again, this week. Little Soup Dog, "Salsa," got to go to the vet for his checkup and I screwed up the courage to give he and Rocky their DHLPP shots. That's the "does most everything" one. The vet did the rabies vaccine. Tonight I find the tenacity to shoot their noses full of kennel cough vaccine. OH BOY! That's going to be an adventure. That was the small stuff.

I took Salsa to Pitiful Pulski to meet a potential adopter. (Note To All: there a good cuppa available and a ReStore but nothing else there. Totally dead and about to blow away.) The folks really liked Salsa and I'm saying my prayers they'll decide to adopt. It's the perfect home. That's Big News #1. Big News #2 is that the doggles, Rocky and Rufus, escaped from the walled garden last night and Rufus did not run off! Today he was allowed, for the first time, to hang out in the yard for a couple hours and he was very well behaved. (Chetworth would disagree....) Looks like he won't be forever confined to the garden after all. Yaaayyyyyyy!

Been working on the greenhouse some more. My water barrel has a leak so it needs to find a new use... Maybe as a soil barrel? The newly-hatched plan is to add gutters to the greenhouse roof and collect the water inside, under the bench. Cross fingers and wish me well! I've also gotten the soil in where I can. Under the bigger bench will have to wait until the overwintered plants come out. I also got seeds planted for early greens. Hopefully next year we'll have greens all winter in there! I've put in lettuce, spinach, chives, an radishes to eat plus some crocus, miniature iris, and nasty urchins just because I want them there. The moles and voles eat the crocuses if they are planted in the ground. I'll let you know how it works out.

Oh, yes, and the foster cats are gone. 'Lizbeth was adopted practically before her feet hit the kennel at PetsMart and C.K. is well now so she's "on show" at a local gallery.

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