22 December 2009

A Who's Who of Stratheden Farm (Part 1)

At the request of a beloved reader I am now presenting you with a rundown of the residents of Stratheden Farm... at least of those allowed in the house. I dont' know the names of our innumerable wild neighbors.

Actually, I'll just get you started with your host & hostess and those animals who are no more. That way this won't run long...

Mr. Fuzzy He is the guy with the Ph.D. from Bonnie Scotland. He studied at St. Andrews Uni. He drives the tractor and knows where the money is hid. I think he knows about the money anyway!*

Mrs. Fuzzy Cans the food, builds fires, and knows where the chocolate is hid. She is the animal wrangler.

Nutmeg was our strange old shepherd cross dog. She had brain damage but was a very sweet companion for 12 years. She died of cancer in the spring.

Kuma & Haiku Were Mr. Fuzzy's Akita dogs. Kuma was Haiku's son and Mrs. Fuzzy met him when he was 11 years old. Haiku is famous / infamous amongst those who knew him. Kuma was universally beloved for his gentleness. Kuma died at 16 in 2000, which allowed us to move to Scotland. They live on in our hearts.

Mr. Tam was our Dundee Wildcat; the cat who thought he was a dog; easily the most wonderful one ever to move from Scotland to America. He was opinionated, grumpy, and a good playmate. One day he walked outside for his morning constitutional and decided not to return.

was our first cat. She was a funny little tortie our friend Barbara gave us when her family moved off the game preserve. Catfish had never lived inside before and relished every moment of her short life. We don't have a straight story on how but she died while we were in Scotland. Catfish loved being held like a baby.

Does that bring you up to speed on the spirit pets? I'll now present you with a diagram of the LIVING (+ Tam) cat population of the farm. It'll be easier if you can visualize it.... trust me!

* After reading this Mr. Fuzzy reminds me we did buy a farm, extra acreage, a new roof, and water system this year. Our money is hid in the pockets of our neighbors, it seems. Happy (frugal) Christmas!

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