15 December 2009

Jello Brains

Yes, we've got jello for brains... all 14 members of the Fuzzy household. See, we've had more guests and this batch included two extremely active little girls. Don't die laughing (Barbara) it's true. He let children stay overnight in his home.

Poor Rocky, our wee dog, is exhausted after being "walked" all day yesterday. Rufus, the big puppy, is disconsolate at the loss of such boisterous playmates. I'm just perplexed at how I managed to corral the kids, entertain Mom, keep the house from exploding, AND get dinner on the table for three nights.

But... now we know we have VERY tolerant cats and dogs and an authentic kid-decorated Christmas tree. They even managed to break fewer ornaments than I've been known to do! Pictures to follow soon. Tonight we're off to the Humane Society party. Mr. Hodge (aka porch cat) is off to be featured at Petsmart and, hopefully, get adopted.

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