25 December 2009

Happy Holidays

Is it ridiculous to hope that the new year will bring peace in the world? Would more brotherly love be wrong? Is it too much to ask that here in the most prosperous country which has ever existed, that people not die of hunger and inadequate medical care? Can civility and discourse be resurrected in America? Or is it already too late?

We hope not. God bless everyone. No exceptions for any reasons.

Have a happy Christmas,

Mr. & Mrs. Fuzzy
and the ten cats
and the two dogs
who have learned how to live together and enjoy each other;
is it possible they smarter than humans?

We give you a few views of Floyd's holiday lights:
1. the new Farmers' Market
2. the only stop light in the county
3. a window at Farmer's Supply
4. a holiday tree

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