16 December 2009

Hodge Update

Isn't Mr. Hodge beautiful now? He's one big burly ball of feline happiness and he is doing well at PetsMart... He's making muffins in his pillows, head butting people "through" the glass, and generally making a happy nuisance of himself to anyone who passes by the little adoption center. It is predicted he will quickly find a home and the cats of Stratheden will get what they want most for Christmas... no more Porch Cat! (Little do they know we've agreed to take on another at some point who will live in the workshop.)

If you recall, Hodge was within days of starving to death when he appeared in early August. Here's the photo we took then for you to compare (see the blog for November 15th as well).

We hope Santa brings Mr. Hodge the thing he wants most too... a permanent home with a nice soft chair by the wood stove and a place on the bed at night.

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