11 November 2009

Veterans' Parade

Last Sunday the queue order was begun a couple of hours before the 30 minute parade. There were drill teams, bands, tractor clubs, girl and boy scouts, veterans groups, civic groups, emergency responders - you get the idea - a lot to organize. The line was three city blocks long and did not include the motor cycle groups.

As in any self-respecting Veterans' day parade, it began with the Cadet Corps in their crisply ironed brilliant white trousers.

There was a marching unit of World War II veterans and I am most pleased to report a rolling peal of applause followed them down the street. Floyd has not forgotten their sacrifices.

Nor have they forgotten their fallen comrades; the only float I have ever seen which commemorated those killed in action followed the veterans. Most men respectfully removed their hats as it passed by.

You could not have asked for better weather for a parade- it was brilliant sun, about 70 degrees and perfectly still. Hard to believe it was November (today it has rained 2 inches and the high was 44F, more typically November).

The Humane Society volunteers walked with (or carried) their foster dogs, hoping to find good homes for these deserving canines.

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SquirrelQueen said...

Great looking parade, the weather is beautiful. Our parade was under cloudy skies and threats of rain.