05 November 2009

Raccoon Balls

Just a quiz - do you remember my post about the raccoons trashing my shop a couple of weeks ago? The cleanup process is ongoing. The little blighters opened every box that their little fingers could manage and among other items, they dumped a couple of hundred lead balls on the floor, of several sizes (i.e., sorting them out must be executed with a micrometer in hand).

It is hard to imagine just what constitutes raccoon logic but they 'test bit' about 50-75 of those lead balls. As you know, pure lead is fairly soft... and they left their little tooth marks pressed into those balls.. Those balls are now useless and will be melted and re-cast.

As a final act of cleaning and re-ordering the shop, the cat door which had been installed for the convenience of our cat herd is now boarded up by 1/4 inch plywood. Sorry cats, I'll miss your company.

1 comment:

judy borron said...

sorry to hear of all the toubles but glad you have outstanding neighbors!