07 November 2009

news flash!

As of noon today, the menagerie at Stratheden Farm now includes one more canine: "Rocky" also know as "Spud." He is maybe 18 months old, calm, gentle, loving, friendly, not perturbed by traffic (in scenic downtown Floyd) or cats. He more or less understands walking on a leash and thoroughly grasps the purpose of a sidewalk. Car rides are great fun. Mostly he just want to be loved.

He seems fine loose in the house - which is still more than we can say for six month old Rufus. Girlie, Lilly and Buster are untroubled by being a few feet away from him - and he has no aggression toward them. While we ate our lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches (on Mrs. Fuzzy's home baked rye bread), he just laid at our feet under the table. It is as if he has always been here.

Rocky has an oversize head, svelte tiny waist and short little legs. His coat is a really deeply colored brindle with dashes and splashes of white. He looks like a dog right out of a Hogarth engraving.


Lausanne said...

Yippee! The new pooch seems like a good mentor for your young rascal... I can't tell from the photo how big a dog but I'm sure he's bigger than Lailee.

Mr. Fuzzy said...

Yes, he reminds us of the Divine Ms. Lailee- little dog body, big dog attitude. He was at the vet today and officially weighed 26 pounds. Best bet is that he is about 18 months old so not expected to grow much more...