15 November 2009


You would be hard pressed to recognize Hodge the Porch Cat now. Since he arrived in a dangerously emaciated state last August, the farm life and good cooking have aided in his recovery. He was so starved when he arrived that I wondered if he would live more than a few days. Now he's a stocky, strong laddie.

He has been neutered and is ready to be adopted (yes, he is an official foster cat of the Humane Society). Hodge wants to be indoors and never far from a human who can love on him. When we open the front door, he immediately starts to make muffins, he is so happy to see us. It will not be easy to seem him leave one day.


judy borron said...

such a handsome boy.

Mr. Fuzzy said...

He says "meow" right back at ya...