13 May 2010

Those most reluctant of trees, the locusts and walnuts, have finally leafed out into their full verdant splendor. Perhaps because of the abundant winter moisture, the blooming trees were especially spectacular this year (with one exception, the normally gorgeous tulip poplars). Nearly all trees have now spent their flowers, excepting the locusts, which are now just past the peak of bloom.

Mr. Fuzzy makes this observation for more than aesthetic or botanical purposes. He has been treated for several months at the Blue Ridge Center for Chinese Medicine for several long standing issues, including chronic allergies. Last spring, the blooming trees nearly laid him low for six weeks with a constant sinus drain, sinus headaches, and less than zero energy. This year, the super-abundant tree blooms had little effect. After a lifetime of crippling allergies, this is almost incomprehensible for him. But it does make him joyous, and he sends his thanks to Yarrow, his practitioner.

The low temperature on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning was a mighty 60F, or warmer than the high temperature for Sunday, Monday or Tuesday! Today a magnificent fog formed not long after sunrise and laid upon the land until burning off after lunch. Then the sun warmed the air rapidly (Mr. Fuzzy was thoroughly sweat soaked working on the farm) until about 3:00 when several waves of fog blew in from the south, each dropping the mercury a few more degrees. It was a rapidly moving fog, perhaps 20 MPH, very reminiscent of the Fife sea fogs. Unlike last year at this time, it has been warm and dry; perhaps this is a sign of a return to a more normal pattern? At least we may now possesseth optimism.

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How beautiful!