17 May 2010

MumDay "Tucson Edition"

Mama Fuzzy is in Tucson helping her own mama with some things. I'd say it's a nice vacation.... it's not too warm, everything is in bloom... except that I'm completely exhausted after 10 overnights caring for my father. Hopefully I'll be able to leave for my beloved Mr. Fuzzy, and all the fuzzybutts on Friday.

I arrived on a jet plane, one way ticket, (yeah) but I'll be driving home in my new-to-me Honda Element. They are hard to find in the New River Valley so I "just thought I'd look" in the land of Never-Never Rust. They're hard to find here too, despite their major popularity, but I managed to locate a 2007 4WD with ALL my criteria except color. Fog lights trump orange paint when one gets down to brass tacks... sigh. I really like that orange color!

For your pleasure I've taken a few photos of the flowers along the roads here. Tucsonans are not passionate gardeners but they do like to have nicely landscaped roadsides and medians. It's something of a garden city of lush xeric plants.... legumous trees, flowering bushes, oleander, and salvaged cactus. Some 25 years ago it was planted in olives and citrus trees but the city pulled them out in an attempt to reduce their water use. This last ditch attempt to stave off using Colorado River Water failed but it's more beautiful than when I arrived in 1986.

There is a lesson here... even if what you do to "save" the environment is a failure there will likely be positive effects. The plants use less water, beautify the city, cool it, and clean the air. The Lung Association just declared Tucson the 2nd best urban air in the country. Compare to barren Phoenix which makes its' own weather (driving off the rain) and has the 2nd worst air... well above the much-maligned Los Angeles, even!

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Anonymous said...

That's awesome you found a car! Looks beautiful in AZ! =) I'd love to visit!