18 May 2010

The heirloom chicks are coming along well and beginning to look more like chickens than chicks. Their appetites are astounding. The recent cool temperatures have had them huddling under the brooder lamp even during the daytime.

Our prayers have been answered. For the last month or two, it has seemed that a drought was in the early stages. It has been so unlike last year at this time. My farmer friends were almost afraid to talk about it for fear of jinxing any chance of rain.

All of that has changed, thankfully. It has drizzled for 36 hours, totally about an inch and a half, which added to the 0.55" a couple of days ago is enough to make a major improvement in the health of field and forest. It echoes last spring-early summer very closely with fogs and drizzles and cool days (the high today was 51F). This is excellent timing - Mr. Fuzzy finished getting most of the greenhouse plants (germinated by Mrs. Fuzzy) into the three gardens as well as seeding beans and peas. The row to the left is an heirloom Cherokee nicotiana from Mom Feather which seems to be doing well - thus far. The seeds will go back to the Native Peoples to be re-established amongst them.

We are grateful for all we have been given.

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Anonymous said...

I've never seen that breed before...very interesting!